MN048AP261206 Platinum Leica sintered stone slabs

Sintered stones may be lighter than natural stones, but that doesn't mean they're any less durable -- in fact, the opposite is true, because the manufacturing process makes them more effective.


SURFACE CONTINUITY (Faces Supplied Randomly): A+B+C MN048AP261206-古堡灰(莱卡)Platinum Leica.jpg

MN048AP261206 Platinum Leica sintered stone slabs

1、Sintered stone is a new type of veneer board.

2、Whether it is rock or porcelain, or board or brick. Compared with natural stone or ordinary quartz stone and wood board.

3、It has ultra-thin and light weight, large specifications, strong moldability, and diverse colors. , Anti-fouling, durable, fire-proof, high-temperature resistance, zero formaldehyde and other green environmental protection, simple construction and other advantages. It is the momentum of new building materials.


Size  1200x2600mm
Thickness 6mm,9mm,15mm,20mm
Finishes Polished
Water Absorption 0.005%-0.008%
Application Indoor Flooring & Wall, Facades, Furniture, Countertops, Vanity tops
SURFACE CONTINUITY (Faces Supplied Randomly) A+B+C
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