MN067AP261206 Van Gogh Grey sintered stone manufacturers

Sintered stone is easily cleaned and does not have any resins, most notably petroleum, which is found in quartz. Its structure is bound together by heat and pressure, not resins and plastic, making it a much healthier option.


SURFACE CONTINUITY (Faces Supplied Randomly): A+B+C MN067AP261206-梵高灰Van Gogh Grey.jpg

MN067AP261206 Van Gogh Grey sintered stone MN067AP261206-梵高灰Van-Gogh-Grey.jpg 

Size 1200x2600mm
Thickness 6mm,9mm,15mm,20mm
Finishes Polished
Water Absorption 0.005%-0.008%
Application Indoor Flooring & Wall, Facades, Furniture, Countertops, Vanity tops
SURFACE CONTINUITY (Faces Supplied Randomly) A+B+C
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