MN10310301L Noir Desire Large format slabs

Product Detail 

Sintered stone, is made of natural raw materials through special process, with the help of more than 10,000 tons of press press (more than 30,000 tons), combined with advanced production technology, through 1250℃ above high temperature fired, can withstand cutting, drilling, grinding and other processing process of new porcelain materials.   

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The sintered stone is one piece to the top, the upper wall does not need to be cut, and the actual paving leaves fewer seams, which greatly reduces the splicing marks, superimposes the continuous pattern effect, the decorative effect is more coherent and the atmosphere is more open.  

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Every piece of porcelain slab has its unique artistic charm, It would be in different shapes,
Or with unique and beautiful texture,
The beauty of nature is restored here by Moreroom.
Never go with the flow,
Defining high-quality life with Italian aesthetics!   10楼展厅 (4).jpg        

Our factory

Moreroom is produced using the very latest in sintering technology, replicating the thousands of years' process by which natural stone is formed in a matter of hours.What's more, the advanced professional equipment is the key for us to maintain a high-quality production, an enhanced surface with superior technical characteristics.  工厂优势.jpg        微信图片_202009031001391.jpg         



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