Moreroom Standard for ultra-high-definition & ultra-realistic Sintered Stone

Definition of Ultra-realistic Porcelain Slab


Refusing to be mediocre.

Focusing on high-quality products, 

with a firm belief in innovation.

With strong and mature R & D design strength, 

aiming to promote Chinese Porcelain Slab to the world.

Natural Stone VS Sintered stone._副本.jpg


Forming extremely high-resolution original stone files through 

ultra-high-definition scanning technology and 

special toning techniques + an exclusive glaze color formula

Giving the porcelain slab a more vivid, moist, thorough, 

delicate and lifelike effect, 

and the finished product can be infinitely close to the stone.

〔Standard for ultra-high-definition & ultra-realistic porcelain slab〕

Pure, natural, realistic, massive, delicate, warm, layered and artistic.



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