MOREROOM STONE sintered stone background wall design

Delicate texture breaks simple visual perception

The background wall made of MOREROOM STONE sintered stone products giving the space an unrepeatable sense of art and avant-garde temperament.


MOREROOM STONE sintered stone since its surface is void of porous spaces, sintered stone possesses waterproof capabilities. It's a standard option for making pool flooring, and some corporations use the material to build sinks. Therefore,you can use sintered stone in your bathroom without fear of water penetration.


MOREROOM STONE sintered stone is one piece to the top, the upper wall does not need to be cut, and the actual paving leaves fewer seams, which greatly reduces the splicing traces, superimposes the continuous pattern effect,the decorative effect is more coherent and atmospheric, and the space vision is more open.


MOREROOM STONE sintered stone Large-scale sintered stone products can be adapted to various creative shapes to meet every family's pursuit of an ideal home. While bringing a comfortable visual experience, the space will not be too dull.


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