Moreroom Stone Sintered Stone was awarded as the TOP3 brand of China Slab.

From 2019 to the present, in less than three years, from "no sintered stone, no brand" to "sintered stone sea", the sintered stone production line has become white-hot and gradually fell into the "red sea of price war". 

This year, the CBD Fair (Guangzhou) will take advantage of the trend and devote itself to building a "Sintered stone ecosphere" in the home furnishing industry.

Moreroom Stone Chairman Jayden Chan invited as Chinese slab influential brand summit sharing guests, From a product perspective, he brought a more forward-looking guide "Sintered stone Product Features, Trends and Application Scenarios".


In the final part of the event, the TOP 3 BRAND SELECTION OF CHINA SLAB in 2021 will select outstanding brand representatives in various fields from the dimensions of architectural decoration, household applications, and finished furniture.

Among them, Moreroom Stone, which has been committed to "Original Design Slab", stood out from many brands and won the "Top3 Slate Research and Development Brand".



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