MOREROOM STONE the raw materials are more refined and purer

Why is MOREROOM STONE not ceramic?

The difference between MOREROOM STONE and traditional ceramics is obvious when you simply compare the characteristics. Although traditional ceramic may have some characteristic in common with MOREROOM STONE, it definitely doesn’t have all the characteristics inherent to MOREROOM STONE such as its stain, chemical and heat resistance all in one product. 

It all begins with the raw materials which, despite being similar and obtained from comparable sources, the raw materials used to produce MOREROOM STONE are more refined and purer to ensure a more uniform product.


The production line features the most advanced equipment and latest technology to guarantee a high-quality product. The raw materials are pressed at a significantly higher pressure to get denser material.Then, the pressed material is baked for almost 2 hours which is much longer than for traditional ceramic which includes cycles of around 40 minutes.


These longer cycles create a product with a stronger, non-absorbent surface. All of these enhancements in the raw materials and production techniques result in an improved product with superior technical characteristics known as MOREROOM STONE.


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