Sintered stone can be used on walls,floors,countertop

Moreroom sintered stone is resistant to scratches,heat, stain and even UV rays. 

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Moreroom is produced using the very latest in sintering technology, replicating the thousands of years' process by which natural stone is formed in a matter of hours.What's more, the advanced professional equipment is the key for us to maintain a high-quality production, an enhanced surface with superior technical characteristics.工厂优势.jpg     

Why choose sintered stone as a kitchen countertop?

The rock slab material is sintered at a high temperature of 1250 degrees, and it will not
change color when it is burnt at high temperature, does not emit smoke, does not release
harmful substances, and can be in direct contact with food, which is healthy and safe.
The Mohs hardness exceeds 6 degrees and is used as a kitchen countertop. 
Can withstand scratches. There will be no scratches on the surface. Especially suitable
for kitchen countertops.

MN21916Y 卡拉卡塔金.jpg


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Why use sintered Stone?

The difference between Moreroom sintered Stone and traditional ceramics can be easily registered by comparing each surfaces' characteristics.Although traditional ceramics share some similar properties, none possess the performance qualities of Moreroom, which combines stain, scratch, chemical and heat resistance in one single material.1627958923(1).jpg    岩板桌面耐磨耐高温.jpg

What is sintered stone?

1、This material is Sintered Stone, translated as Sintered dense Stone, its main characteristics are Sintered dense and from the Stone, the production of raw materials mainly for quartz,feldspar, and oxide to provide color, after 1200ºC above high temperature firing, the formation of high density, heavy weight and other product characteristics, It is superior to ceramic tile in physical properties such as abrasion resistance and bending resistance.

2、Moreroom Sintered Stone is a revolutionary product which has become a material of choice for architects,designers, specifiers and fabricators. It is a 100% natural material based on granite minerals, glass minerals and natural oxides. It can be made to resemble natural stones, tiles, wood, and other smooth or textured surfaces.

3、Moreroom sintered stone is resistant to scratches,heat, stain and even UV rays. 

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