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The sintered stone is one piece to the top, the upper wall does not need to be cut, and the actual paving leaves fewer seams, which greatly reduces the splicing marks, superimposes the continuous pattern effect, the decorative effect is more coherent and the atmosphere is more open.

871594274e9a19c17952081d534cf0b9_Pavimenti+Effetto+Marmo+Grigio-grey-marble-05.jpg  6f564d00412a8fad9f8ba16ca1af920f_Grandi+Lastre+Effetto+Marmo+Grigio-desktop.jpg Sintered stone is good for countertop material

1. Sintered stone is a matrix of minerals heated (sintered) to form a solid impenetrable mass that results in a surface that cannot be etched, scratched, burned, or stained.

2. Sintered stone is easily cleaned and does not have any resins, most notably petroleum, which is found in quartz.  Its structure is bound together by heat and pressure, not resins and plastic, making it a much healthier option. It also has a very low silica content compared to stone and quartz, so it is much healthier to those that cut it and don’t have to breathe in that toxic silica

3. Due to the superior, compact composition of sintered stone, there is no need to seal it.  Meaning no chemicals or toxic components are needed to keep it from being damaged during its lifetime and no annual sealing schedule is required, unlike granite, quartz, marble and other stones.

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Our factory

 Moreroom is produced using the very latest in sintering technology, replicating the thousands of years' process by which natural stone is formed in a matter of hours.What's more, the advanced professional equipment is the key for us to maintain a high-quality production, an enhanced surface with superior technical characteristics.   工厂优势.jpg               


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