About Paving & Installation of Gemstone


About the point of attention before the paving

Customers like to focus on the beauty of the gemstone when paving, without leaving the seam between the slabs. The base layer, bonding layer and the gemstone
layer are in big difference for the cold and heat expansion coefficient according to projects data. It will be cause the gemstone layer turn into bulge and fracture
after 1-2years with cold and hot tension damage of no seam brick jointed method. For this problem, it needs re-paving a gain and the cost will be 4 times higher
than the first time paving. kindly using seam paving is to save the cost and make it last long term using.

The Advantages Of Seam Paving

  1. Seam paving can save the gemstone layer (Raw material)it can be saved about 3% when the seam is 3mm-5mm.
    2. Seam paving is convenient for gemstone layer spacing adjustment in accordance with the real size, trying to use full slab at the marginal areas for beauty, can be
    saved the cutting time and labor.
    3. When using different colors gemstone layer as the background mosaic paving seam paving can make the color and design transfer more natural and eye-
    4. Seam paving have shrinkage. can ensure the gemstone layer surface flat-fell seam avoid the seam deviation caused by the gemstone layer size deviation, and
    effect the overall effect of the gem plank brick. Can avoid the gemstone layer and ground or ground volume shrinkage caused by different plate deformation, arch,
    empty drum and fracture.

Gemstone layer installation common sense

  1. Before open the pallet, please inspect and check the item number, color, size etc stick the same item number products in the same place, do not pave different
  2.  It needs pre-paving according to the characteristics of product design and patterns during paving.
  3.  Glue material suggest using stone glue, polymer adhesive or DEMAX, such as epoxy resin sticky patch, AB glue, polyurethane foam rubber, etc.
  4.  Always keep the stone slab surface clean and clean the dirty in time.

 Tool for installation: (Cards, keel, advertising nails, screws, stone adhesives, close trim.)

The installation:

A. Ceiling installation: Depending on the layout, the top ceiling cement column, built keel, the keel fixed light source, the light source to the surface to be reserved
translucent stone 10-20 cm spacing, and is recommended to install the lamp at 5cm layer ads cloth, and then the transparent gems pin up ads nail in the keel, the
keel plate and translucent gem fixing advertising nails. Installation income side bar at the interface, to prevent light leakage.
B. The wall background: To finish the woodworking shelves, leaving a good slot, choose a color temperature of 4000K T5, LED lamp or a lamp with a light ,source
to the surface to be reserved translucent stone 10-20 cm spacing, and recommended that the lamp 5cm layer pipe installed at the advertising cloth, translucent
gemstone slab with card into the adhesives or screws, behind the light source in order to avoid damage caused by service difficulties, all installations are active, it is recommended to use black or champagne brushed stainless steel revenue side.   

The simple wall hanging Paving Way

Preparation tool: (Clamps, screws, adhesive stone, cross rubber)

The installation:

A. With a gem cutter in the upper portion of the plate from the back or side of about 50-60mm at an intermediate position, cut a length of 50-60mm, a groove depth
of about 8mm (800mm recommendations of two open slots,12₂00mm three open slots ).
B. Install "L" shaped stainless steel hanging strips (recommended 304 stainless steel), with strong glue or glue stone.
C. The "L“ shaped clamps fixed on dry hanging bracket, next jewel plate from the bottom up, by number installed, with a cross slot and adjust the vertical size
particles 3- 5mm good, and then tighten the screws to ensure that gemstone installation plate firmly.   

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