Installation Process of Semi-Precious Stone Slab


Installation of Display Shelf

1.Tool: Level, Percussion drill,  Electric hand drill, Screw, Positioning wood    2.Procedure of Installation

Positioning Preview-Marking of Screw Hole-Drilling- Alignment for Shelf and Hole-Installing-Finishing

Step One- Positioning Preview

Let the shelf lean against the wall without fixing but positioning right firstly.

1. Using wood block for assisting positioning in quick.
2. Using the level to adjust and find the appropriate position. (Aim to ensure the shelf is leaning against the wall vertically)



Step Two- Marking of Screw Hole   

Marking on the position for drilling

  Percussion drill

Step Three-Drilling

Step: Moving the shelf out – Drilling on the marking place - Putting Plastic expansion tube inside the hole Notice: For the wall of foam brick, please use wood bar instead of expansion tube on the upper part of the wall.     Step Four- Alignment for Shelf and Hole

    Step Six - Installation Done  1. For Lighting Panel

Length for Ultra-thin Lighting panel could be customized without limitation, while the width could only within 600mm

2. For Display Shelf

Please reserve place for covering the wires around the shelf when designing.

3. For the wall
For the brick walls, it should be used with plastic expansion tube and screw;  for the plank wall, self-tapping screw could be used directly for installing. Generally, length for screw could be 45mm.
For foam brick wall, the density is low so it should be used with wood bar on the upper part of wall for increasing the tensile force.
For the wall of Calcium silicate board without plank, its bearing capacity is too low to carry the shelf and stone.

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