Waldorf Astoria Bangkok project honeycomb panels marble backed stone stair steps


The Waldorf Astoria Bangkok retains a distinct Art Deco vibe juxtaposed with the pattern, materiality and vibrancy of Thai Lanna Culture.Gorgeous local textiles, intricate hand craft and detailing that exemplifies the true nature of Thailand lives in harmony with the Art Deco strength of the Waldorf brand.

One of the most distinctive is the spiral staircase of Waldorf Astoria, The material used is Moreroom stone, white marble composite aluminum honeycomb.Waldorf Astoria Bangkok is expected to become ths naw skyline gem of Bangkok, and promises to live up to high expectations of locals and Material: Volakas Stairs, Monet wood Bar & Tunnel, Composite Tile Floor Panel 微信图片_2019060409220315.jpg This elegant twin set from Mono design Group offers beautiful views no matter the angle thanks to the staircases. A dazzling crystal chandelier dominating the central vacuum only adds to the impressive artistic vision. Definitely do look down.微信图片_2019060409220319.jpg  微信图片_2019060409220320.jpg  微信图片_2019060409220318.jpg

The advantages of using laminated marble are:

1. Laminated stone panel is resistant to impact,abrasion and even ectreme temperatures & open flame

2. Stone surfaces are more stable than many other types of surface

3. Laminated stone panel covers more surace area while consuming less stone

4. Stone has been used in fine architecture for centuries thanks to it's distinct appearance and unique qualities

5. Laminated stone panel is available in a variety of sizes ,colors and thicknesses sutable for many applications

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