Sintered Stone countertop

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Why sintered stone is good for countertop material?

1. Sintered stone is a matrix of minerals heated (sintered) to form a solid impenetrable mass that results in a surface that cannot be etched, scratched, burned, or stained.

2. Sintered stone is easily cleaned and does not have any resins, most notably petroleum, which is found in quartz.  Its structure is bound together by heat and pressure, not resins and plastic, making it a much healthier option. It also has a very low silica content compared to stone and quartz, so it is much healthier to those that cut it and don’t have to breathe in that toxic silica

3. Due to the superior, compact composition of sintered stone, there is no need to seal it.  Meaning no chemicals or toxic components are needed to keep it from being damaged during its lifetime and no annual sealing schedule is required, unlike granite, quartz, marble and other stones.

4、The rock slab material is sintered at a high temperature of 1250 degrees, and it will not
change color when it is burnt at high temperature, does not emit smoke, does not release
harmful substances, and can be in direct contact with food, which is healthy and safe.
The Mohs hardness exceeds 6 degrees and is used as a kitchen countertop. 
Can withstand scratches. There will be no scratches on the surface. Especially suitable
for kitchen countertops.

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